Passport FAQ

Where do I get a Distillery Row Passport?

Passports are available at ALL Distillery Row distilleries. This is the easiest way to purchase passports–just buy them when you arrive. They are also available online. (NOTE: Please do not visit 810 SE Belmont St. for passports. This is the passport office only. Please go directly to any of the distilleries!)

What does the Distillery Row Passport do? Do I need to have one to visit Distillery Row?

The passport makes it easier and more affordable for you to visit Distillery Row. It’s primary purpose is to save you money when you visit multiple distilleries. Rather than pay tasting fees at each distillery, you purchase the passport at a reduced price and your tasting fees are waived at all Distillery Row destinations. Tasting fees to all locations would generally add up to $35. Purchasing the passport for $20 saves you $15 even if you don’t utilize any of the other partner business discounts.

But no, you do NOT need to have a passport. You are welcome to visit the distilleries and pay the individual tasting fees at each location.

What are the partner discounts?

From the beginning we wanted the Distillery Row Passport to be inclusive and useful for the entire Distillery Row neighborhood. All of the distilleries feel a special kinship with the neighborhood and would like to see their neighbors succeed. A full half of the passport is devoted to showcasing over 40 of these unique businesses. There are restaurants, bars, entertainment venues, tattoo parlors, coffee shops, bicycle shops, vintage and retail clothing, and more… each of these businesses help give the neighborhood its particular character. To entice new visitors to visit these businesses, the partners have all offered discounts and incentives that are only good with the passport.

Do I need to visit every distillery in one day?

Not at all. The passport is designed to let the holder visit the distilleries at his or her leisure. You can visit as many as you want in one day and save the others for later, or you can visit one per weekend, etc. It’s entirely up to you. The ideal situation is to always have the passport handy–visit the distilleries when you want, and then utilize the partner locations throughout the year. Try a new restaurant for lunch or dinner; catch a comedy show or go bowling; pick up some new clothing or home furnishings, etc.

Does the passport expire?

The passport does NOT expire for the distilleries. Each distillery will honor the passport until it is used (meaning they have stamped it). The passport DOES expire for the partner discounts. The expiration date is printed inside each passport.

How often can I use the passport?

The passport is a book of “one-time-only” deals. Each distillery will emboss or stamp your book when you use it. Some businesses opt to not stamp and let discounts be used repeatedly, but that is up to the individual business. The obligation is only one use per customer per passport.

Do I need reservations to tour Distillery Row? What about large groups?

Generally, you do NOT need reservations to tour Distillery Row. Each of the distilleries keeps its own hours and welcomes drop-in customers. However, the distilleries do request that groups of 6 or more contact each distillery at least 45 minutes before-hand to check on availability. During peak hours (Saturday 2-5 pm) the tasting rooms can be busy and large groups may not get the full experience. It’s best to call around and check with each distillery so as to plan your itinerary. (Tip: for a more personal experience, large groups should arrange to tour on Sundays when foot-traffic is less).

Groups larger than 12 should arrange for a tour by calling ahead by at least one week. Groups of this size exceed the capacity of a few of the distillery tasting rooms. Tours for groups this size (and larger) can be performed, but special arrangements are usually required to make it work for everyone. Call 503-803-3989 (the number in your passport) for assistance for large groups.